Special Offer

Easee Home

We want to give people freedom and control, with a car charger that is simple and that just works. Where the only decision you have to make, is the color of the charger. We will empower you to shape the future of electricity, so that we can continue to use electricity to move us in the future and continue to care for our planet.

7 995

5 995*

*Special offer for residents in Innovasjonspark Stavanger

Special offer for Innovasjonspark Stavanger residents

Benefit agreement

Easee and Innovasjonspark Stavanger have entered into a collaboration to offer every resident a unique benefit agreement. As resident your price of the Easee Home charging robot is only 6 995 (Tax included). The offer is valid through 2020 and limited to 3 chargers per resident.
To kickstart the collaboration we are doubling down on the discount and offer up to 2 Easee Home units per resident for a mere 5 995 (Tax included).
This limited offer is valid until December 20th 2019 and limited to 2 chargers per resident. Prices does not include installation.

How to receive the charger?

We will e-mail you an order confirmation with pickup details. All pickups will be at the Innovasjonspark Stavanger premises.
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Technical specifications


Charging power: 1.4 - 22 kW
Charging connector: Type 2
Number of phases: 1, 2 or 3
Voltage: 230V / 400V AC (+/- 10%)
Automatic locking of the charging connector
Built-in energy meter
Up to 3 charging robots on the same cable


Connection with Wifi 2.4 GHz b/g/n
Control charging with Easee App***
Built-in 4G / GPRS
Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE 4.1)
RFID / NFC Reader
OCPP 1.6 via our API

Load balancing

Balance load between 3 chargers on the same fuse


Built-in RCD Type B (30mA AC / 6mA DC)
RCD Device is automatically reset by disconnecting the charging cable
Degree of protection: IP54
Impact resistance: IK10
Fire class: UL94
Insulation class: II
Surge class: III

Sensors and indicators

LED strip showing status
Touch sensor for disabling smart charging
Automatic brightness sensor (LED)


Dimension (mm): H:256 x W:193 x D:106
Operating temperature: - 30C to +40C
Weight: 1,5 kg